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Win a Bilingual Backpack from Boca Beth, which includes:

* My First Songs in Spanish music CD
* More Boca Beth music CD
* Sing Along with Boca Beth music CD
* Mi casa/My House DVD
* I Like Animals DVD
* One BOCA the puppet/language amigo (MADE IN THE USA!!!)
* 44 page bilingual coloring/activity book
* Mini maraca
* Egg shaker
* How To Guide in English and Spanish
* Child Sized Bright Colored Backpack

(Read our Pinks & Blues review of Boca Beth HERE!)

*Congratulations to the winner of the Boca Beth Bilingual Backpack – art-sweet!*


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plantarium.jpgThe Plantarium Garden Lab, offered at Queen Baby Bean, is an imaginative, fun and creative way to teach your kids about the life-giving ecosystems in which seeds germinate.

Sound scientific?

Well, it is. But science is amazing, and the Pinks & Blues Girls are sure your kids will agree.

We’re giving a Plantarium Garden Lab to one lucky Pinks & Blues reader!

*Congratulations to the winner of the Plantarium Garden Lab – Emily!*

Receive a 10% discount off your order at Queen Baby Bean! Use the code P&B at checkout!

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30-1.jpgOV-Watch® is a patented wristwatch device with a special processor and biosensor that takes readings from your skin as you sleep at night. It looks for a particular pattern in the data to indicate ovulation with 4 days advanced notice. With OV-Watch®, there are no messy, expensive urine strips to deal with and no complicated charts to keep. All you have to do is wear the watch at night while you sleep.

OV-S3 is a Fertility Predictor Value Kit that comes with the OV-Watch, English language Reference Manual and Quick Start Guide, Plastic storage case and 3-month supply of sensors. Three sensors will last three full cycles.

*Congratulations to the winner of the OV-Watch Fertility Predictor – “C!”*

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