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Win a Bilingual Backpack from Boca Beth, which includes:

* My First Songs in Spanish music CD
* More Boca Beth music CD
* Sing Along with Boca Beth music CD
* Mi casa/My House DVD
* I Like Animals DVD
* One BOCA the puppet/language amigo (MADE IN THE USA!!!)
* 44 page bilingual coloring/activity book
* Mini maraca
* Egg shaker
* How To Guide in English and Spanish
* Child Sized Bright Colored Backpack

(Read our Pinks & Blues review of Boca Beth HERE!)

*Congratulations to the winner of the Boca Beth Bilingual Backpack – art-sweet!*


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quick.jpgTwo Pinks & Blues readers will win a Quick Count Football card game for their families!

Here’s what we think of this game:

Looking for a great way to spend some family time together, away from the TV (gasp!)?

Look no further than Quick Count Football.

Quick Count is a fast-paced football card game that will have you running the ball, completing passes and kicking field goals. All without having to get out of your chair.

*To enter to win, simply leave a comment here!

We’ll choose two winners on Friday, March 28, 2008 at 5 PM EDT*

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